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If you know of any helpful food, nutrition or other worthwhile child related websites you believe others might benefit from, please email links to us at contact@thefoodgame.com.
We will review them and will then post them.

This page will be updated weekly, please check back soon!
www.wholefoodsforlife.com - Buy your copy of "The Healing Power of Whole Foods" written by dietician Beth Loiselle, RD. Beth is also the author of the 12 meal plan/ recipes that are included with your purchase of The Food Game. You can also order Beth´s book by calling 1-800-870-5378.
http://www.childrensmathware.com:  At Children's Mathware, the learning never stops! Using educational plates, bowls and cups, your child's mind will be constantly stimulated. (Site owner's note- we use the plates and cups with our children while playing The Food Game. It is a natural fit!)
Kidwinks.com is a resource for parents looking for kid-friendly events, activities, restaurants, shops and services throughout Chicago and the suburbs.
Picky Eaters - Parenting Tips for Picky Eaters: Younger children are commonly picky eaters, but as long as they are growing normally and are active, there is usual little to worry about.